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Offplan Agency, A Proud Concept

We are proud to announce the official launch of the new and redefined Offplan Agency brand identity, website and strategy. This is our of our most exciting projects and working with the Victoria Sidlay team, it has been a truly inspiring journey to see the final product. The Craft & Slate team delivered a remarkable brand that represents the essence of our Offplan Agency's vision, thank you.

This project was inspired by our experience working with Victoria Sidlay in the development of mixed-use residential projects in emerging markets. Over the years we came to realize that the true value of buying pre-construction property is not yet a concept by many in society. Many people remain oblivious to the significant opportunities both economically and personally that exist when you buy offplan property. Secondary market property is typically the first thing that comes to mind when people talk about property investment. This is a phenomenon that sustains the domination of the secondary market even though there are too many barriers to acquisition associated with the secondary market.

This is where we saw a niche and decided to create the Offplan Agency with the aim of magnifying the pre-construction property concept whilst building educating potential buyers and building awareness about it the value of buying primary market property. The creation of the Offplan Agency is designed to capitalize on niche market opportunities by building a global brand that focuses strictly on the primary market by employing the same values, expertise, cultures and traditions that make the secondary market what it is today.

Working with Victoria Sidlay and their experienced offplan property sales and marketing team we were able to create something truly breathtaking. Believe the Offplan Agency is well positioned to becoming the world's most recongnisable offplan property and new development marketing and sales brand.

Let us not spoil the the experience by giving away too much we invite you to discover this amazing platform by visiting the Offplan Agency platform at

If you are a builder, developer or new property owner Victoria Sidlay Real Estate Consultants will offer you the best solutions to plan and execute your project. Visit them at

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