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We do

We pioneer new ideas, transforming them into thriving ventures across Real Estate, Hospitality, Technology, Mining, Construction, Retail, and Consulting. Globodime conceptualizes, manages, operates, and invests in innovative ventures and strategic commercial opportunities within these sectors.

We forge collaborations and partnerships with key stakeholders, leveraging our knowledge, skills, relationships, technology, and capital to acquire and invest in new and exciting ventures. Our focus is on select opportunities, and we do not entertain unsolicited proposals.


Our passion lies in developing innovative solutions to societal challenges. We initiate, fund, manage, and operate exciting ventures to bring these ideas to fruition

Private Equity

Our expertise lies in recognizing and maximizing strategic investment opportunities within the real estate, hospitality, mining, construction, technology, retail, and consulting sectors.

Deal Structuring

We transform deals and commercial ventures into successful businesses, developing strategies that pave the way for success


We acquire early-stage ventures and concepts, both new and existing, and transform them into successful endeavors.

Capital Raising

Venture capital, start-ups, infrastructure, mining, construction, new developments, project funding, public sector, and more.


We identity and collaborate with strategic partners on unique opportunities and projects 

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